Our Roots


Realizing an extraordinary opportunity.

“Khotso, Pula, Nala”, Basotho for “Peace, Rain, Prosperity.” Our operation embodies this motto of the Kingdom of Lesotho: providing affordable, high-quality medical cannabis to our global customers, remunerative opportunities to our local employees, and dynamic growth to our investors.

Founded in 2018 at the base of the majestic Maloti Mountains, Prosperity Farm spans 150 hectares – the largest grow license ever granted in Africa – to the northeast of Lesotho’s capital, Maseru.

In 2020 Prosperity Farm became the first grower to export medical cannabis from the African continent.

Prosperity’s initial, state-of-the-art, 8,000 sq/m greenhouse can produce nine metric tons of premium dried flower annually; our footprint accommodates extensive expansion as we thoughtfully scale Prosperity Farm into a global leader.

"At Prosperity Farm, we don't just learn about plants, we also get to learn a lot about life itself in a workplace, meeting many people with different financial backgrounds and views on business."

- Malilemo Makhakhe

Why Lesotho?

Lesotho offers Prosperity Farm several key competitive advantages:


Ideal growing conditions found at moderate elevations


Access to cheap hydroelectric power and clean water


Solid infrastructure for roads, telecom, equipment, and security


The democratic government of Lesotho is pro-business and pro-cannabis


Lastly, but perhaps most importantly, the Basotho people are hard-working and proud, and excited about the economic progress that this fast-growing and valuable agricultural commodity can bring to their country.